Monday, February 26, 2018

About RP Lens

RP Lens Co. pioneered the Cine-Still Upgrade concept and selling of still lens sets to the digital cinema world back in 2006, when we were shooting through a spinning ground glass using 35mm lens adapters to make our camcorders look more cinematic.

We call our used sets “Serviced / Pristine Condition” because they are. We source our glass from all over the world, spending many hours researching and contacting vendors to find the absolute best glass available.  The owner of RP Lens, Peter Sensor, is an award winning cinematographer and he takes great pride in providing these pristine sets to fellow camera people, and thoroughly enjoys consulting with them on their lens choices.

We have sold to DP's, production companies, studios, rental houses, and film schools across the globe - from the single cameraperson in Kenya to the BBC in England. We ship lenses anywhere in the world.